Making a great routine!

wake up little suzie

Making and performing dances is in my blood! My mother, Miss Doreen, claims that I started dancing in the womb, and I haven't stopped yet!

I've recently learned that there are numerous ways to make a dance and that artists each have a "creative practice" or "creative process" that they discover on their own. I guess I am extremely blessed that I found my way of making dance routines at a very early age.

This is a photograph of the first dance I made and performed on stage (wasn't I an adorable six year old!). This dance, "Lil' Bo Peep," was a tap dance I performed is Miss Doreen's dance recital. Even when I made up this dance, I paid special attention to the music. The judges have always said that I have great musicality!

While I am all for trying new things, like wearing street clothes to "humanize" a dance routine or adding acro moves in a lyrical dance, I like to do things the traditional way. The way I make dance respects and honors the way my mother made dances and her teachers before her. And, I have to give Miss Doreen a shout out - she made great dances! I mean, she knew how to make an entertaining dance that grabbed the audience's attention. It makes perfect sense that I would build on her model!

I am sure that Mr. Victor, my cameraman, sees the value in my approach. Afterall, he wants to share my dance making and performing with the world!