Love to dance!


You watched my interview with Miss Claudia, the reporter/critic, so you heard (and saw!) how much I love to dance! That has always been the case! And, I truly believe, it is why my dancing is always improving. It's why I push my students so hard. I want them to feel what it is like to be the best!

Here’s me in my first year in the senior class (at Miss Karen’s we call them the Dazzlers). I was the youngest dancer, but honestly, I was probably ready to join them two years before I did. Miss Doreen has always held me to higher standards (thanks mom!).

When I joined the senior team (only 12 years old!), I had to work hard! I had to really work on my technique to keep up with the big kids. Because I was in the advanced class, I couldn't solely rely on my cute facials to grab focus, I had to really emote. And, I was challenged with really advanced ideas for dances with partnering, solo moments, and high speed formation changes.


I'm sure that Miss Claudia and Mr. Victor could feel my passion and my dedication as I shared my dance with them. And, I have to say, I was surprised that I revealed so many secrets about how to win at competition dance. But, I'm not worried. Because my students are passionate too, they are In It to Win! (just like their teacher!) They are the best because they are learning from the best (and they deserve the best)!