Performing is hard but rewarding!

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Now that you've seen me under the lights, in front of a large audience, I am sure that you can see the joy that dancing brings not only my audience, but me!

When I am performing, all of my hard work pays off. Not only the hours spent in the solo perfecting a routine, but the years of training to get here. The hours (AND HOURS) of ballet classes. The recitals and conventions. Classes with guest choreographers and master teachers. And of course, regular consistent classes and practice, practice, practice year round.

And the sacrifices that being a dancer requires! The missed social events at school, the doing homework in the car on the way to dance class, spending family vacations at dance competitions. "I can't I have rehearsal" isn't just a hollow statement. It's a motto for serious dancers like me!

My hope is that the audience feels just a little bit of the joy that dancing has brought me when they watch me up on the big stage. If I can help the audience escape their troubles through my dancing, even for a minute, then Mission Accomplished!

Of course, being a winning dancer, choreographer, and teacher helps too! My abilities to make and perform a winning dance that captures the judges' attention makes for an all around entertaining and engaging experience for the full audience.

I hope that Miss Claudia who has never seen me perform before as well as all audience members can feel that joy in my dancing.